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Rybnik, 44-217
Floriańska 13/22
(048) 692-617-818, (048) 783-368-815
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Company news
2009-06-11 - We began new project design
We began new project design After few weeks of vacation we started working on new program to manage hotel rooms booking, hotel guests, ... We are going to create desktop application using to manage entire hotel business. We also want to design web site framework cooperating with desktop application.
2009-06-10 - Creation of PM Software web site
Today we finished PM Software company web site. It gives You a lot of information about our company and projects. On this site we are going to write information about our new projects, releases and application ideas. Creation of PM Software web site
2009-05-01 - First release of Centrum
First release of Centrum We finished first version of program "Centrum". You can donwload trial version of application from "Realization" section. Your welcome to use our application and send us information about every noticed bugs. Application won't be extended any more. If You are interested in accomodation our program to Your needs just send us e-mail or call.
2009-01-01 - First project of application Centrum
We've just begun working on first version of program to manage health clinic. This is own company project. We called our application "Centrum". First project of application Centrum
2008-12-10 - Company registration
Company registration We're glad to say that after few visits in agencies PM Software company is finally registred. Try our services.
About company

PM Software is a programming company which creates bespoke business applications using Windows. We specialise in applications created in the Microsoft .NET Framework for controlling and managing businesses Our range of services are suitable businesses of any size: small, medium or large.

We also outsource our services. We are available to offer our expertise and resources to your company’s IT department.

Our team is a group of ambitious programmers who are passionate about programming and see it as more than just a job. We are experienced in designing and creating business applications tailored to our customers’ special needs. Our technical expertise, backed up by a raft of Microsoft certificates in combination with thorough theoretical knowledge means that we can create applications that function quickly and effectively.

We are based in Rybnik.

We supply our customers with quality software based on
  • our excellent expertise and experience
  • flexible adaptation to our customers’ needs and time-scales. We can find a solution to any problem; and our customers drive the timing and budgeting of the project.
  • We use cutting-edge Microsoft software techniques including the latest developments from .NET Framework 3.5, like WCF and Linq. This makes our applications fast and effective.
  • We take great care with quality, scalability and conformity with standards of the code created by us. This means we can develop or modify the application in sync with the customer’s changing needs.
  • We run the project according to the most up-to-date and effective software engineering methodology.
  • We work closely with our customers. This means we create applications which exactly fit their needs.
  • We precisely analyse, plan, test and document the written code.
  • We use tested and advanced DevExpress interface controllers. This allows us to create more advanced applications in an even shorter time.
  • We are expert and experienced with Oracle and Microsoft databases.
  • We make full use of the valuable experience and expertise gathered in early projects.
Project gallery
Project name Centrum
    Program Centrum was designed to manage patients, doctor and examinations data of health clinic. Main objective of application is reformation and speedup health clinic registration process. Our program can be modified and extended according to client needs. You can download free trial version of our application from this web site and try it. Program Centrum was completely created in .NET Framework 3.5 technology . We use DevExpress user control libraries to make our application faster and prettier. It require .NET Framework 3.5 and MSSQL Server Express 2005 installation on Your PC to correct performance.
Project release history
01/05/2009First varsion of application. Release contains basic modules that are necessary to manage health clinic.
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